Add a player to a tournament

After you have created a tournament, the next step is to populate it with the winning players. Start by clicking on a tournament in the Active Tournaments list on your Dashboard to be taken to the Tournament Details page.

From here, you will be able to add players to the list of winners for this tournament. Although each row contains multiple fields, you can quickly add players to the list by entering only an email address and a prize payout amount. Once a player has registered an account, the rest of the information will be updated automatically.

When you add a player to a tournament for the first time they will receive an email inviting them to register an account and/or submit their payment information. Repeat winners will receive a notification with the details of their prize payout.

Importing a CSV

You can add a large amount of players to a tournament at once by importing a CSV file. In order to correctly populate the player list, the file must contain a comma-separated list of email addresses and prize payout amounts. First/Last Name and Player Alias can also be included if you prefer.

You can download a CSV template directly from the Tournament Details page by clicking on Download CSV Template above the player list.

Adding Players to a Tournament

Add a Player Import a CSV
  1. On the Tournament Details page, click on an empty row in the player list.
  2. Enter the Email Address and Prize Payout amount for the player.
  3. Click on Add to submit the player details.

When adding a player to a tournament, you only need to enter the player's email address and the prize payout amount and we will take care of the rest.

Once a player has been added to a tournament, you can edit any of the information entered before submitting a payment. See Edit a player to learn more.

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