Depending on the payment you are receiving, you may be required to pay a transaction fee. Transaction fees are the costs of processing a payment according to the payment method that you select during the onboarding process.

The cost of your transaction fee can vary based on factors such as your country of residence or the originating source of the payment.

Below is a list of estimated transaction fees for you to reference. Please note that this does not account for any potential fees charged by your bank.

Transaction Fees
ACH / EFT / Direct Deposit $0.90
International ACH / eCheck $3.85
Check $3.00
Wire Transfer $9.50 - $25.00

Currency Conversion Fees

A Currency Conversion fee or foreign transaction fee is a percentage fee that is charged when you opt to receive your payment in a currency that differs from the originating source of the payment.

Unlike typical transaction fees that are charged at a flat rate, foreign transaction fees are charged based on a percentage for each payment that you receive.

Currency Conversion Fees 1.90%*

*Above live inter-bank rate.

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