After logging in, you will be directed to your account dashboard. The dashboard provides you with an overview of your account activity, including your recent payments, payout methods, and tax forms. Your dashboard will also keep you informed of the status of your account and notify you if any actions need to be taken through a call to action.

If you haven't completed onboarding

When viewing your dashboard, you will have a call to action to fill our your information. This message indicates that you have not yet added an active payout method, completed a tax form, or otherwise not finished onboarding your account. Depending on where you are in the onboarding process, we will let you know what you're missing. If you're logging in for the first time, clicking the button to onboard will help get you started.

If you have completed the onboarding

After you have added a payout method and your tax form has been approved, the call to action will now show that your information is up to date. Ensuring that your information is always up to date will help keep your account in good standing and lower the chance of payments being returned or being held for regulatory review. 

If a payment is returned or your tax information has expired or been voided, you will need to update your information before you can receive future payments.

Payments received

The amount received will reflect a running total of the payments that you have received over the lifetime of your account. Individual payments can be viewed in your Recent Payments list or by clicking on View all payments.

Payments pending

The amount pending indicates the total for payments that have been added by the tournament organizer, but have not yet been submitted. Once the tournament organizer has submitted your payment(s), your received total will update and the payments will be displayed in your Recent Payments list.

A payment may remain pending for many different reasons, so we suggest contacting the tournament organizer if you have been waiting for awhile.

Payout methods

This section will list any payout methods that you have added to your account. You are able to add multiple different methods, but only one method will be considered Active at any time. You can update or delete the Active payout method by using the buttons to the right.

Tax forms

Any tax forms, statements, or withholding information is available for you to review in this section. You can complete a new tax form, void an existing tax form, review your withholding rate, and update your statement delivery preference as needed.

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