Whether your banking details or payout method preferences change, or if you have a returned or failed payment due to invalid information, you may need to update a payout method on your account before receiving payments. 

To update a payout method

  1. Click on the Edit button to the right of payout method you want to update.
  2. Make the necessary changes to your payout details.
  3. Confirm that everything has been updated properly and click Save.

If you have more than one payout method

When editing a payout method other than the one that is currently active, you will have the option to Save and Activate. Saving and activating will update the payout method with the changes you made and also set it as your active payout method. This means that any payments sent to you after the change will be sent to the newly updated payout method.

Keep in mind

When updating a payout method, be sure that the name of the account holder remains consistent with your contact information. Any difference between the two may cause payments sent to you to fail or be returned.

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