Payments that have been submitted to you by a payor will be reflected in the earned amount on the dashboard as well as in your payment history.

Receiving a payment

When a tournament organizer submits a payment to you, you will get an email notification confirming the payout details. The email will include important information about your payment, such as the

  • Date paid informs you of the date and time (UTC) that the payment was submitted. 
  • Reference for the tournament or event that the payment was for.

The summary of your payment

  • Sent to provides the details of the payout method that was active at the time of submission.
  • Account type for the type of transfer or payout method that the payment was sent through.
  • Amount sent is the original payment that was submitted by the tournament organizer.
  • Fees if any transmission fees were deducted from the payment amount.
  • Tax withholding amount if you had any taxes deducted from the payment amount.
  • Amount you will receive for the total funds that you receive after fees, taxes, and currency conversation.
  • Delivery estimate for when the funds will arrive in your payout method.

Keep in mind

You can reference these payment details directly in your account through the recent payments list on your dashboard or by viewing all of the payments you have received.

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