When a payment has been submitted to you, you will receive an email confirming the payment details along with the date that the funds are estimated to arrive at your active payout method. 

If you are expecting a payment and the funds have not arrived after the estimated delivery date, it could indicate a problem with the payment such as an error in the payout details, a compliance or regulatory hold, or a processing delay.

If your payment has not arrived

There are a few different steps that you can take to help you determine the cause or identify the status of the payment.

  1. Log in to your account and check your payout method. If you accidentally entered any of the details incorrectly, it will cause your payment to be delayed and eventually returned. If you identify an issue with your payout method, be sure to update it to prevent future delays.
  2. Request a payment confirmation document by contacting our support team at support@prizepayments.com. Depending on how your payment was sent, we will be able to provide you with a transfer receipt or an MT103. These documents will provide you with all of the necessary details to help you or your bank identify any errors or even locate the funds if possible.
  3. Check your email for any communication regarding your payment. In some cases, you may be contacted regarding a regulatory hold on your payment. If a hold has been placed on your payment, you may need to provide additional details before it can be cleared.

In some cases, your payment may only be experiencing a minor delay and will arrive shortly after the estimated date. While this is uncommon, it can sometimes occur if you are receiving a payment for the first time. If you don't identify any problems after following the steps above, keep an eye on your payout method to see if the funds arrive.

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